It’s done! Google plug-in is off my browser! For how long?

Yes, at last, after 8 years I have left the world of Google. The plug-in is going from my browser and I have installed snap in its place. It has good features, is slick, returns quality results, allows you to junk results and gives you a preview of pages before visiting them. What’s more it is founded byt he guy that invented pay-per-click. Loving IT.

Let’s see how long Google does stay off my desktop and how long before snap gets polluted as Google searches have with advertising.

2 thoughts on “It’s done! Google plug-in is off my browser! For how long?

  1. I have now been using Snap for 2 weeks. The quality of the searches is really very good. The time to search results is slightly slower.

    I like the preview pane that gives a view of a site before cliking through. This avoids clicking through and then back again or between tabs if the result isn’t what the user is looking for.

    Snap is VC-backed and adverstising driven. It is not clear which of the results are advertising driven. With Google this is more apparent. I must say that my preference is to find a version that has no advertising or where the advertising profits are given to charity!

    Will I go back? Not yet.

  2. I have finally gone back to Google until I have time to look for another alternative – Snap is too slow and uses a system of advertising that does not allow one to easily see which results are paid for.

    There is no virtuous circle involved between search and advertising – we search to find authentic results and although the results page is a smart place to put adverts there is no benefit to the search from having the adverts.

    Long-live the search engine that just does a great job of search.

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