iPlayer from the BBC – Grab it! Not!

Oh well. iPlayer grabber, that allowed you to steal BBC content, is no more – what a shame as it provided a real utility (that the BBC isn’t)!Jack Rutherford, perhaps of the Ernest family, wrote an app that allowed you to grab any program from te iPlayer site. Wow! My children loved it, I loved it and we just had such a good time. Jack had found a hole in the BBC’s site. After spending millions on what is called Digital Rights Management (“DRM”) to ensure that no one living outside the UK could watch anything on the site or that anyone in the UK could watch it after more than 7 days had elapsed, the BBC decided to open things up for the iPhone! Schwitt! Jack was in there! He quickly built an app that looked to the BBC like an iPhone but was in fact a computer! This way anyone could grab content with the DRM!

Finally Jack has given it up! The BBC have moved on. Holes have been blocked at great expense (to justify the initial decision to spend millions on something that nobody wants) and the rest is history.

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