Egypt – this is a real dilemma for Obama!

Sitting in square and asking for a revolution is unlikely to get the desired result. True to form the Egyptians asked for change and got it. Not!

What a dilemma for Obama and the Western poodles (merkel, cameron, others). Do they support the new movement? Do they insist that the junta remains in power until elections can be organised?

I love the irony of this one!

May this be the first place that the Arab people take control and define their destiny!

Does the Arab League really represent the Arabs? Or is it a fabrication of the West?

I would be delighted to hear from any Arabs who believe that the Arab League is truly representative of the Arab world! Run by a New York educated lawyer and its membership stuffed with US puppet regimes (including Qatar of course – the regime behind Al Jazeera).

It is no surprise that Lebanon and Yemen voted against the recent vote to exclude Syria.

If I have one call it is for the Arab world to work together and stop the infighting that has been and continues to be encouraged by the Judeo-Christian developed world!

Greece! Call Merkel and Sarkosy’s bluff!

The latest threat to the beleaguered Greeks is to eject them from the Euro. There is no way this can be done – there is no such mechanism. Rise up people of Greece and say “Όχι εγώ δεν θα υποστεί για εσάς τους τραπεζίτες” – No I will not suffer for you bankers.

Over half the Greek debt can be attributed to some Nato arms spending spree over the last 20 years the rest to over-zealous bankers high on the discovery of high interests rates with no risk.

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