We went up to see the encampment on Sunday. It was getting cold and I really do wonder how the few that stay here overnight will manage as the winter cold sets in. For the moment all is well – the tents are neatly aligned, there is a library, a university, a kitchen and store and a perfect amphitheater in the form of the steps of St Pauls.

The mainstream media characterise them as anti-capitalists – akin to anarchists, Marxists, or worse…is there worse? Any lack of policy suggestions is treated with the same derision as any suggestions. They have however made an Initial Statement – here it is:

  • The current system is unsustainable
  • We stand together with occupations all over the world
  • We refuse to pay for the banks’ crisis
  • We do not accept cuts as necessary or inevitable
  • We want regulators to be independent of the industries they regulate
  • We support the strike on 30th November and student action of 9th November
  • We want structural change towards global equality
  • We stand in solidarity with the globally oppressed

I can’t really argue with that!


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