Abu Qatada to be freed on bail

I really am confused here – this guy is very dangerous so why can’t I find out why he has been detained without trial for 10 years!

What happened to habeas corpus! Appalling and shocking! I will not support any Government in this kind of behaviour.

Read here Liberty’s view

“We’re continually told he poses a grave threat to national security. Yet an entire decade after he was first detained in Belmarsh Prison, why has he still not faced criminal charges?


This is a man accused by MI5 of inciting terrorist acts during his ten years in Britain. Why hasn’t sufficient evidence against him been gathered by now?


Forget the age-old debate about why the Government won’t allow intercept evidence in criminal trials. The last time we checked incitement and soliciting murder were still very serious offences in this country. If the allegations are true he should be put in the dock without delay. But as the Attorney General has identified, we don’t believe in indefinite internment without trial in the UK and you can’t just set aside the Rule of Law and lock people up without charge instead. ”


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