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London 2012 – its nationalism is a sign of how we have yet to progress beyond our tribal past

The Greek Olympics was an event for individuals.  It died out and was reinvented over 2000 years later as a fiercely national event at a time when nationalism was riding high across the world.

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Syria, Russia, the CIA and Mossad

It is entirely clear to me from reports comping out of Syria that the CIA and Mossad are working their magic and yet again we have regime change as the objective. Why this is their objective is a matter of speculation. What is sure is that they are there! If Charles Taylor of Sierra Leone can get slammed up for 50 years for financing gangs that committed war crimes then Obama an be indicted and so can Cameron, Sarkozy and others for arming terrorists to enter Syria and create chaos and perpetrate atrocities.
With 3 million Kurds in Syria out of a total 21 million, the Kurds are on a roll – they are not Arabs and want their land back. they already have the north of Iraq, Turkey won’t give them anything and nether will Iran – the big opportunity for Kurds is Syria. With the North of Iraq and the North East of Syria they can at last have independence for Kurdistan. What an opportunity – now that the head of the Sryrian National Council is a Kurd they are well on their way!

Have a look at where the Western media – those intrepid journalists are getting their information –

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London 2012

Oh dear! I escaped London for the warmth of Provence and find myself watching endless interviews and documentaries about French athletes – I have nothing at all against them but would welcome a little freedom to choose please!

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