Anti-natalism. I thought the same at his age…

Sounds very patronising. The only valid argument for procreation is a love of humanity. Yes, many parents have not asked themselves why they perpetrated this crime. It is a question that I would answer as follows:

There is giving and taking. When I give I feel greater pleasure than when I just take. We are social animals and feel the love that real community gives us all. We are losing that sense of community and the young today have very little idea of what we have lost. Nihilism is back. Or is it rampant “take all I can getism”? Why care for the future of humanity? Great question and one that is summed up by one word, Love! It is not money that makes the world go round. Sooner or later the crazy incentives that form its very axioms deprive humanity of that love. Love everyone and give of yourself to others.

As the older generation we must recognise that our actions have created what exists today in the world and in particular the despair of the youth. We must also be part of the solution…and it needs to be radical!