A look at corona stats – new daily deaths analysis to see which countries are over the peak

Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 21.38.38

Cases depend upon the number of tests as we have seen with the recent surge in cases in the USA. The daily new deaths is more reliable and the chart above shows some key nations and their 3-day moving average of new daily deaths. The log graph shows very clearly those that have reached and past the peak. US in particular and the UK and Sweden seem not to have reached the peak as yet. Where the peaks will be will I suspect be very dependent on the efficacy of their lockdowns – Sweden is lockdown lite, US is patchy and the UK is more draconian but not as much as France and Spain and of course China and South Korea….

An even better view is to rebase the x-axis so that all the curves start at say 7 daily deaths….

Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 21.45.49

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