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Drones and universality

Do rules exist for all or for some! I had no idea when I was young that “we” can bomb people without declaring war and without judging them in a court!

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Syria – support the Syrians to solve their problems

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Greece in Chapter 11

The only way to bring a country or corporation back from the dead is to halt all payments to creditors – the Greek Government is spending only slightly more than it earns (3% of GDP) if interest and loan repayments are ignored and with military spending at over 3% (double the NATO average) this is easy to address.

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Where have all the “questioning” journalists gone?

This morning on BBC Radio 4 we were treated to the roving reporter (I can’t call him a journalist – sorry), John Humpreys was interviewing some Greek youth. One mentioned that Greece has the largest army in Europe and this warranted no comment from Mr Humphreys. What is true is that Greece has consistently pent almost double the EU average on defence in the last 20 years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Over half Greek debt due to large arms deals!

Greece has spent 3% of gdp more than they should have done on defence for the last 24 years at least. In that period, since 1988, Greek GDP has grown from $80bn to $300bn and still spending has kept pace!

See here Greek spending as a % of GDP since 1988 –graph

See here Greek GDP growth since 1988 – graph

If Greek spending on defence had been 3% lower then well over 50% of Greek debt would not exist.

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Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal?









Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal?.

There is more to this story than we are being told. Why does mainstream media not probe further for the truth?

Yesterday I again heard that Gadaffi got what was coming to him for his role in ordering the Lockerbie bombing! It amazes me that people are prepared to believe whatever they are told by Governments and mainstream media and look no further.





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Go Greece Go!

My complete support for the Greeks! Do not allow your elected leaders to inflict further pain on you! When bankers offer loans and the borrower can’t pay then the bankers lose money.

The Guardian reckons in this article that if you lend 10m to Greece for 5 years then yo can insure it for 2m – if that’s so then the market doesn’t really believe that there is going to be a default.

Please do the world a favour and rise up to defeat the people that want you to suffer for others’ greed!

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