Syria, Russia, the CIA and Mossad

It is entirely clear to me from reports comping out of Syria that the CIA and Mossad are working their magic and yet again we have regime change as the objective. Why this is their objective is a matter of speculation. What is sure is that they are there! If Charles Taylor of Sierra Leone can get slammed up for 50 years for financing gangs that committed war crimes then Obama an be indicted and so can Cameron, Sarkozy and others for arming terrorists to enter Syria and create chaos and perpetrate atrocities.
With 3 million Kurds in Syria out of a total 21 million, the Kurds are on a roll – they are not Arabs and want their land back. they already have the north of Iraq, Turkey won’t give them anything and nether will Iran – the big opportunity for Kurds is Syria. With the North of Iraq and the North East of Syria they can at last have independence for Kurdistan. What an opportunity – now that the head of the Sryrian National Council is a Kurd they are well on their way!

Have a look at where the Western media – those intrepid journalists are getting their information –

Nat West freezes Press TV assets

A breaking story today from no lesser source than Press TV that their assets have been frozen by Nat West, a bloated UK bank. It would seem that Press TV is hurting the establishment in the UK with some radical reporting – the great star of course is George Galloway with his Real Deal show – catch a recent episode on Youtube and subscribe –

Thinking of my ancestor John Redmond

I am surfing the web and chasing up on various ideas and thoughts that I have had over the last few weeks. In particular along the theme of that old forgotten chestnut “a terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.

A great friend of mine, Johnny Marsh (Johnny HJ to a few), once took a leak against my Great Great Grandfather’s statue in Wexford, Ireland whilst hitching around that part of the world. He announced this proudly to me over a pint when he returned. It has taken until now for me to determine that in fact it was his Great Uncle who was called by the same name – John Edward Redmond.

John Edward Redmond Junior, still to this day unaffected by the disdain of my dear friend Johnny HJ, was not honoured by a monument but by the legacy of freedom at a big price.

Ireland was a hotbed of subterfuge. Cromwell invaded and injected Protestant Loyalists into the country having massacred many Catholics.  After many years Parliament agreed to Home ruel for the Irsih except for the 6 districts in the North – these would be dealt with later. This area, that had only ever been considered as Ireland and only annexed to England for a temporary period after Home Rule, is what we know as Northern Ireland.

So, we inject Protestants into a country then carve out that Protestant area from the agreement and now claim that because the majority in this area are Protestant that this area must remain separated from the rest of Ireland! Wow!

If we not return to the original thought – what is a terrorist, we can start to see that there really are two sides to the story. Ask yourself the question, are the IRA monsters? The Kurds, are they terrorists? This most simpe of questions that we have all asked no doubt in our youth is forgotten when we talk of Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Uganda  – look at each of the stories here and you will see a much more complex story. Are there any universal truths that can guide us in finding the way forward in these discussions? What would King Solomon have said?

US and its poodles falling into line under Israel’s leadership

At least 12 months before they have to declare its existence (IAEA obliges members to inform them 6 months before nuclear materials are in use) Iran announced on 21st September to the IAEA that it is building a new plant for the production of LEU uranium for use in nuclear reactors and that it is open for inspection.

Why then does the UK press, Obama and others suggest that it was secret? They even knew of its existence before the announcement?

Israel is playing a smart game and the US and its poodles are toeing the line. What better way to distract from continual settlement growth and the damning report of the UN with respect to the Israeli attack on Gaza.

The UK and US press is being completely disingenuous in suggesting that Iran has been caught red-handed and equally is being irresponsible in fueling our fears about Iran. Nuclear materials for a bomb require 80% pure Uranium, Iran produces small amounts of 5% pure Uranium. The difference is enormous and there has been NO evidence of any attempts to increase purity above 5%.

I doubt whether anyone will but I do advise those who are least interested in this issue to listen to Ahmadinejad’s UN speech that so may so disgracefully walked of.

Unlike Obama’s carefully trained delivery this is an impassioned speech that talks clearly and intelligently about what he perceives to be the problems of the world.

Disagree if you wish with his speech but at least sit through it! Certainly don’t bother me with your opinions if you haven’t.

Iran is strategic – the neocons had one way of dealing with it, Obama needs to adopt another!

Iran has developed over the last 4000 years and is the oldest civilisation in the world. 30 years of sanctions have inhibited its development economically but it remains a highly educated and modern society with a great cultural history.

For those that may be interested in the case for Iran, start with the following article: