Where have all the “questioning” journalists gone?

This morning on BBC Radio 4 we were treated to the roving reporter (I can’t call him a journalist – sorry), John Humpreys was interviewing some Greek youth. One mentioned that Greece has the largest army in Europe and this warranted no comment from Mr Humphreys. What is true is that Greece has consistently pent almost double the EU average on defence in the last 20 years. Continue reading “Where have all the “questioning” journalists gone?”

Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal?









Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Probably Not Guilty—So Who Is the Real Criminal?.

There is more to this story than we are being told. Why does mainstream media not probe further for the truth?

Yesterday I again heard that Gadaffi got what was coming to him for his role in ordering the Lockerbie bombing! It amazes me that people are prepared to believe whatever they are told by Governments and mainstream media and look no further.





Nat West freezes Press TV assets

A breaking story today from no lesser source than Press TV that their assets have been frozen by Nat West, a bloated UK bank. It would seem that Press TV is hurting the establishment in the UK with some radical reporting – the great star of course is George Galloway with his Real Deal show – catch a recent episode on Youtube and subscribe – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbbkEEEY2m0.

How search should change

I do object to Google’s position in the world of web search. Acknowledging and respecting their brilliance is one thing, accepting poor search results hijacked by advertising is another.

Google came to world of the techies and excelled in very quick clutter free quality searches. Adding advertising supposedly created a virtuous circle. I dispute this. The overall quality fo they search led them to dominate the search space. This is turn now obliges anyone selling on the web to use Google Adwords – still over 95% of Google’s revenues. This is where the circle ends. There is no benefit to the search of having advertising on the search page especially if the higher ranked results are there predominantly because they paid the most to be there.

Google’s search results are increasingly irrelevant except to find only the most obvious sites. Increasingly a user needs to tweak the search terms or sift through to page 2 or 3 or beyond. I sometimes find myself going straight to page 10 in the vain hope of finding something relevant away from the clutter.

My suggestion is simple in its philosophy and no doubt tricky in terms of execution. Use people to recommend search results. In other words, if a user finds a particular site that corresponds to the search results entered then this is useful information and of much higher quality than some algorithm based on keywords in websites and links between websites (Google’s current methodology).

What I would like to see is people power bringing the ownership of the search back to the people – high quality search based on peoples judgment of the quality of the results.

This idea is not entirely new although   the emphasis is different. Digg and other such sites do store peoples recommendations and you can use Digg to search. This however is an after-thought  – the main emphasis being on online bookmarking or in the case of Stumble Upon discovery of new sites based on your overall subject preferences.

Let’s get back to quality search and no advertising.